Genie Survey

What it is

Genie Survey is a fast and convenient tool for gathering time-based statistical data.

What it does

Genie Survey allowes you to gather statistical data on the spot or during personal surveys.

The app's elegant, clean interface greatly simplifies data recording processes.

Genie Survey's uses include:
- Gathering demographic data on customers entering a shop, like age, gender, ratio of adults to children.
- Gathering traffic data, like number and type of passing vehicles on a given spot
- Rapid data input during one-to-one interviews for example on product satisfaction

Gathered data can be sent via email as a CSV file which can be opened in any spreasheet application including Excel, Numbers and Open Office.

The 8 customizable buttons already provides a high number of input possibilities, but buttons can be combined to record even more unique entries.

Genie Survey is available in six languagesiTunes pages are currently only available in two languages: